If I can do it anybody can

Peggy, “Professor, your grad student is here,” Dr. Booth says, “What, 

I only have one now?” “Well sir, that’s right only the one left, don’t know why this one is still hanging around. You did say you’d see him 

this morning, remember?” Right, I do remember now, send him up. 

Howdy Dr. Booth having a good break? Bubba, what are you doing still here? Well, sir, I didn’t get any of those great jobs I had great interviews with, then I ran out of job interviews. I don’t have enough 

money to move, or anywhere to go, so I’m wrapping up a few 

freelance stories and planning a blockbuster of an investigative story 

and hoped you’d listen to the story outline and tell me what you 

think? OK says Professor Booth, Shoot! 

It all started when My son was managing a landscape crew for a 

friend’s company and Monday morning as they were loading out he noticed he was missing a big healthy man on his second crew and asked several of the crewmen, Hey, where is Manual? No one answered, and most just rolled their eyes and walked away. Finally, 

he cornered one of the old guys on the other crew, and he said 

“Manuel, es Mort”! He never got the whole story until he talked to 

his friend that owned the company said: “Manual had to go down to 

Mexico for some Family business but never made it back.” Long story short he had to do a deal with a Smuggler/Coyote to come back across the border with a backpack full of Cocaine. Not the sharpest tool in the shed Manual stepped on the coke and just thought they wouldn’t notice. They noticed, and Manual exists no more. My point in all this was most illegal aliens here have ways to go home and come back in emergencies everybody has one sometime. This information itself 

makes for a pretty good story if you were to run it all down, however, 

some disturbing news about the current situation on the border made 

me think all of this drug traffic, human traffic, and illegal immigration 

mean next to nothing in the face of the true danger 

our porous borders present. 

The DEA, Homeland Security, and Immigration/Border Patrol already know that groups like the modern caravan contain hundreds of young

male criminals, Felons, Drug Dealers Murderers and MS-13 who \know they will never be given asylum here. They assembled these groups and during the chaos. Along with these disturbing numbers was this one little tidbit you never hear in the news; Every day, DEA, Homeland Security, and Immigration/Border Patrol will arrest at least ten seriously dangerous criminals trying to get into America illegally. The students and others overstaying their visas, other people working here illegally; these are not the danger of illegal immigration problem. 

It’s those dangerous criminals, 10 per day 300 per month= 3600 per year killing our children, creating bigger and worse gangs and committing the worse crimes. Part of the President’s Oath of Office is to “Protect the American People”! How can he do this if the 

Socialists left won’t let him protect our border? 

I don’t think most American know about these 10 per day or all the 

other criminals crossing our border so I thought about it and came up 

with a truly “Worse Case Scenario” to explain just how bad it really 

could be. An old buddy was telling me about a new book he saw 

about “Designer Explosives, for fun and profit” and we had a little 

laugh about that however almost immediately my mind went to the grand-pappy of them all! I said to my friend “If you want to seriously blow some stuff up them build you a thermonuclear device, bet they got one on the internet!” Guess what, they do! Looking way back to the days of the Manhattan project and many years after that, all they could put together were big and ugly! CIA and others believe that in planning at least our enemies already have some that are petite even elegant. Who needs them? When we have Google? 

So It’s at this point out from my backpack I pull a 2.8 ft tall 2 ft square sort of Tinkertoy project from hell. Handing the blueprints and diagrams to the professor, it’s quickly apparent there are a couple of essential parts missing. As you can tell from the description there is a 

big empty square, and that’s where the detonator should be, that’s pictured on a separate page, and then, of course, there’s the problem of fusion-able material. We don’t have either however we don’t want to achieve critical mass in America’s heartland we just want to demonstrate how easy it could be. A well equipped, well-funded, 

highly motivated, dedicated to Jihad a hate-filled, totally prepared 

individual could put these real elements together, using aluminum 

steel-alloy instead of a three-D printer plastic, and then acquire the detonator and Plutonium. 

The entire premise of my story professor is just this; A young Jihadist 

Committed to creating his own “Day of Infamy” puts all of the elements together close to assembled. He gets a guide, (This is his map and detailed instruction) not as Manual did but pays cash, walks all his parts across the Rio Grande. Then catches a bus or takes an 

Uber driver to the El Paso train Station for a ticket to Denver. 

So now our mass-murdering terrorist arrives at Mile high stadium just before The halftime show starts with 80,000 fans in the seats and aisles and maybe another half million workers tailgaters and stumbling drunks all around the place. Then in a flash as bright as the sun before our villain can even scream “God is Great” all of those people and every square inch of the location is turned into radioactive dust! What do you think? All this writer can do is describe the construction, travel, and events all the rest is my overactive imagination? Professor Booth says, “You will be roundly hated by 

describing the simplicity of this plot and hated most for its success 

probability factor. If possible hated even more by the left, who are trying above all else to get rid of our southern border. This has been longer than your request “! Six minutes standing up. So, let me do a 

little of my own research, be back here at ten and I’ll give you a 

complete answer. Before I know to say thank you I’m in back the 

“Escape ” hallway. I’ll bet my next couple of interviews won’t be as stressful as the last two! 

“Bartender! make me a double Stoli dirty martini with a little chopped spicy Cajon green beans, drop vermouth and a drop of Tabasco shake it a little but pour it all in a tall glass! Rid of the stirrer, all mouth filled with a spicy explosion, and distant galaxies appear on the edge of this newest Kepler image! Who Says, “There can be only 


Guess I shouldn’t have been so cocky last night because the sunlight is right in my eyes and the phone is ringing really loud blaring in my ears in this almost empty room since most everything is already packed. enough 

to wake the dead, an exclusive club which I feel I’ve joined! I 

answered the phone and it’s the Professor!, “Oh shit Dr. Booth it’s not 

10:00 already is it? 

No, I just wanted to tell you not to come to my office and to meet me somewhere else, sounds like you need a few minutes anyway? 

Looking at the wall clock 8:25 I say “Yeah, that would be great but 

what’s wrong, did I mess something up” ” Most likely nothing the 

Professor says, but with classes over, no one on the campus I noticed 

things and when I got to my office the only car in our lot was a new 

Tan SUV, real nice like they give FBI Marshals service, and DEA. 

Soon as I pulled in my place they cranked up and left. I went to my 

office turned on the coffee maker and went to the mailbox room 

which has a small window and looked down at the lot and now a new 

Suburban very clean, really tricked out. What did you do last night? 

have you talked to anyone, drop loud not too subtle hints? How current are the searches on your computer? Seen any men in Black, 

He asks. Hell NAW! You know me better than that! As you were talking I began thinking back, a friend was tending bar for happy hour, 

at an off square bar, I was very happy! I didn’t talk to anyone so 

unless your office is bugged we’re the only ones who know about this 

Professor, that kind of hurt my feeling, I wouldn’t do those searches on my own computer. I used Nexus/Lexus, Google and Yahoo in the library with one of those open access programs anyone can use, I 

didn’t leave a trail. I saved the blueprints, designs, 3-D drivers and 

printing software all to one jump-drive, nothing on the source hard 

drive.” I didn’t go back to the library before going to your office and on leaving your office I went straight to the bar and had those martinis on an empty stomach. I wasn’t that damn happy! Even then I 

didn’t say anything just had a few, told a few jokes, and then, got a 

chicken on a stack and went home. 

“Do you remember the pace where we lunch after the class

Excursion, where we all wrote the same story from a different angle Dr. 

Booth asks?” Sure, really good fried chicken I say.” Meet me there in 

30 minutes, OK? Then click, he’s gone! 

Fortunately, it was not too far from my little country house. 

When I get there Dr. Booth says exactly what I had hoped he’d say in

his office the night before. “This is an excellent idea for a story. 

demonstrates what a bankrupt idea it is thinking our borders are secure enough to protect us really is. It has an element of danger that 

makes it just ballsy enough to give it credibility and also 

demonstrates there is much more of an ongoing criminal enterprise 

for “Cross-Border Trafficking’ than either the left or right are willing to 

admit to. 

Having said all that your Working Title is less than honest, 

Whatever you think about yourself a 230 pound 6ft 3, Ex-Army Recon ain’t the “anyone” your title implies. “Anyone could do it, that’s right, 

anyone willing to take a good long (Maybe 25 mile) walk in the desert at night alone, equipped with and skilled in the use of sidearms carrying a 50-pound pack, able to evade if detected and swim if required to. Not your regular Sunday evening stroll in the park. 

Leaving all of that out of the question for a minute. If a migrant 

from Mexico or Central America crosses into America using the route 

in your outline and they make it all the way to the El Paso station, if 

they are detained, then they can’t produce ID or other documents 

they’d just go with border patrol to be processed for deportation. 

You, on the other hand, an American citizen sneaking in the back 

door with a detailed model of a thermonuclear device will undergo some serious questioning and immediately be charged with several felonies. 

So, first of all, let me make it 100% clear what I think, “Better 

Don’t Do It”! Since however, you’re more invested in this idea, than 

you are worried about being arrested, getting a little “Enhanced 

Interrogation” and possibly a generous cavity search, well then, at least do these couple of things to increase your survivability. First, 

get your friend in Mexico to walk the models across the border, meet them, pay them and never identify them. This will avoid you being 

charged with entering the country illegally and cut down on your 

“Ground Time”. Second try to reduce your models to look more like a 

Tinker Toy set, so assembled it so this shouldn’t be a problem then tighten them up when you arrive at your destination. add a small electric motor and small tools just in case your pack is X-rayed then you’ll have the excuse “Its Tinker-Toys, family kits 50% complete a 

gift for any kid in the, write all of this down and send it in a letter to yourself and a couple of people you can trust. Whatever happens, if 

you make it all the way through to your “Press Conference” you can 

bet your family jewels this is going to make a large group of people really angry at you. Some will love you, many will laugh, some will do 

their happy dance in front of all the democrat party who’ve been 

saying “we don’t need a wall” a whole bunch of folks will be getting 

their asses chewed into new shapes and sizes for allowing this to slip 

through their fingers will roundly hate you, wish you ill and not be 

above a little illegal retribution if given a chance. Whether you get caught or succeed those letters will serve as” back up” to your original motives. Don’t send one of those letters to me, I know nothing, in fact, I’m not even here, oh and one final thing. If you’re going to do this, you’d better do it right now! Wo thar big feller, 

wait a minute Professor,” I say, what do you mean by now? He says 

“Today!” Really, Why? He says, two brand new SUVs in our parking lot on a Saturday morning in between semesters, could be totally unconnected to you, could mean nothing at all.  On the other hand, just remember “There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.” We’ve talked about this strange phenomena Well, I say. “Lets at least have some of this Chicken” 

Since I had my workout bag shave kit and some clothes some 

clean some not, I just got in my car headed to New Orleans. I had 

the contact person to find a guide and a name from another even 

more reliable source but my ideal person, an old friend and great 

customer in one of my previous lives who is already as pissed about 

the border as I’ve been. All names getting changed. The sad thing is 

the people, their motives, their actions or lack of actions are nowhere 

near as important as the solution to this problem that has to be this 

dramatically demonstrated just to get enough people to admit it and 

do something to solve it! 

My old friend Alphonso, originally from El Salvador has an interesting history of his own, came here illegally the first time but came back did all the right things has now become the poster child for “Doing It Right”, the organization that helps immigrants get legal. 

I called left him a voicemail and called the other two to stand by, just in case. It was getting dark when I started getting close to the east side of town. Went the long way even though it seemed unlikely anyone was aware of my idea. Alphonso calls, “What up old man? 

been awhile, thought you were teaching? I say It’s good to hear your voice, “I’m retired and just spend all my time being a 

troublemaker and stirring stuff up now. ” I ask, ” what about you? 

Alphonso says, I watch and manage the stores and they just keep getting better, “I can’t really retire I’m way too young and you know I 

support this DIR program. Well, I say, “You busy for dinner? I can lay it all out for you in a few minutes. Alphonso says” it’s a little early for dinner. Late lunch and we’re on our way to Felix’s. What the hell if I 

don’t get killed with this story the raw oysters can have me! 

As we’re eating I try between mouthfuls to explain my plans to 

Alphonso and he sounds really interested. Alphonso asks “What can 

I do? Obviously, I’m not walking either of your backpacks across the river? I say, “All I’m hoping for is you’ll help me find someone, pretty 

cheap to walk them across.” I’ll need a photo of you giving the courier the backpacks while holding today’s paper. After that, you could help me a little more on this side of the border but this is the most important thing you can do right now or I’m dead in the water? 

Will you help me? Do you know someone you can trust? Someone 

reliable enough take half payment there and the rest in Texas and give 

me the backpacks near El Paso? So unless you know someone ready to go quickly, someone you can really trust it’s time for me piss on the fire, call in the dogs and go home. Everything else is ready, 

models finished and in the backpacks, and contacts made and ready to call the Press Conference for late afternoon Monday. Without the element of surprise, we’ll lose the momentum of a good story. I 

wouldn’t ask you to do this if I thought you could get arrested or charged with anything. 

I understand I won’t be making lots of friends with this stunt and you already have a couple of people who don’t like you much for your work with Doing It Right, but this could go a long way towards convincing a majority of Americans why we really need this wall now. 

I doubt I could pay you anywhere near what your time is worth and since this is worse now since it’s a rush job because it needs to be tonight. I should tell you at this point that my old professor friend and mentor got a feeling, just a hunch that someone was following me. 

Since he was the only person I’ve talked to about this the only way anyone could suspect my plans would be if they are somehow tracking my computer or my search engines. Thats thin but possible. 

There is one other snag I just hit while driving here. Since I 

thought it would be a more dramatic to deliver these models in 

person by common carrier and it would be, more you know like 

“Anyone could do it” however, there is no round trip train or bus 

scheduled service El Paso to Denver so now I’ve got to drive it unless 

Do you want to help? We can drive halfway Sunday, then the rest on 

Monday leaving plenty of time to set up models and get you in 

position for the Photo of the toy used for the Electro Magnetic Pulse. 

That way you can take off and as soon as I can answer all the questions I can fly out. What do you think? 

Alphonso rubbing his chin and thinking really hard now. First, let ask 

all this, We don’t have to reveal who I am our the identity of the 

courier right?” Exactly I say, So I’ll just have to meet you and him and we’ll drive to Denver? Alphonso says warming to the idea,” All you’ll need from me for is a single Photo OP of me smiling and waving the tinker toys during your press conference from a different building and I’m out of here right? “They might identify you later, I say, by facial recognition software but your identity won’t that be high on their priority list, so yeah for you that ’s it. 

Yours is the model made with multicolored plastic and mine is the one that looks real So I could have one of my cute talented office staff come with me? Of course, I say just don’t be late! For that matter, we could take your Town Car and ya’ll play slap tickle in the back seat all the way to Denver. One car is enough but I’ll take mine too. 

Alphonso still thinking hard enough to blow a gasket says, “Finish 

your Oysters and let me make a few calls and I think you can leave your car at my place. 

I didn’t think at first that’s a good idea however I had no idea all the things that were going on, still with the wheels in motion now ones off we go. 

We stop by to drop off my little Honda, then wait around for 

Alphonso’s lady friends. Yes plural, He’s decided we’ll look more like a couple of Suga Daddies on a weekend excursion.  

All of this falling together would be quite enough without the meeting with Alphonso’s Coyote. Oddly enough his name is 

Manual, fortunately, he is not dead as the guy on my son’s 

Landscape crew.  

We cross the border down into Mexico to meet Manuel, at the 

news stand  on the border at Matamoros, pay him half, 

Take pictures of him and Alphonso 

 holding up the two models and this morning’s paper with t-shits

 on their heads and he gets on his huge dirt bike and disappears

 in a big cloud of dust.  We’re on our way. We’ll meet Manual at a truck stop

In Texas.

We stop at a real nice white table cloth steak house and by now l’ve 

Worked up a pretty good appetite. The manager is an American  Ex-Patriot 

Turns out he’s an old friend of Alphonso’s from the old days and the legit days. I say Ex-Patriot because all the alphabet departments in the country are looking for him, Alphonso says something about back taxes, unexplainable income and possession with intent to distribute on several levels and categories. The place was already closed when we came to the front door and the manager told us to come to the kitchen door.

As we get there the last of his employees are coming out.  He says “Don’t worry, l’ll take care of you personally. Then in the meantime y’ all can fill me in on things back home.   He not only cooked us the best New York Strip l’d ever sunk a tooth in and he had a beautiful, well tuned Steinway baby grand and l played while he cooked and he played while we ate and his playing was almost as good as his steaks, singing not so much.

After we meet Manual, get our models it’s 2:00 am Sunday. Now Alphonso says, “You know I’m not that great at driving and it would be way cool if you could take over the driving and drive us straight to Denver. Then we’ll have most of the day Monday to rest relax and pack. I can leave the ladies at a restaurant nearby and once you have your photo I’ll go back get them, we’ll pick you up as.soon as your News Conference” is over,  we’ll drive you to the Airport and you’ll be on your own? 

I won’t have to drive Now Alphonso says, No I say you won’t have to drive until you come for the photo-op then drop me off. Though I thinking if things go well at the TV state where my friend works I may just drive with y’ all if it’s ok? OK, 8-9 hours in the back seat with Chrissy and Missy Alphonso says maybe I can  stand it

That means l won’t have to drive at all OK?

That’s right I say however that is what I expected you to do as soon as I expose just how stupidly vulnerable our southern border is. 

So when the ladies are ready, names changed to Missy and 

Chrissy for innocence and we head out through the wilds of west 

This Town Car of Alphonso’s is practically new, feels like we’re flying we’ll most likely 

drive through Raton Pass about sunrise Chrissy and Alphonso are 

having great fun in the back seat, of course, Missy and l are having snuggly fun 

in the front seats but I’m mostly paying very serious attention to what I’m doing. No need to get too distracted behind the wheel at this point

. West Texas, late night Saturday. is just one small town after another some have Truck Stops, Restaurant/ Clubs and Roadhouses some don’t. Not much traffic, and what police they do have,  are plenty busy just keeping up with the drunk cowboys. No excuse to get careless at this point. We could have proceeded on l-10 however up through Amarillo is less likely to draw attention if I’m really being watched. 

As we cross into New Mexico I ask the jumpy twins if they are 

Hungry yet and they must have worked up quite an appetite by then and we stopped at the next truck stop. 

After a massive Truck Stop Breakfast, we’re all feeling a little 

closed up even in this Land Yacht so I say “let’s go up the highway a 

little and walk around this state park “ Garden of the Gods” before 

we go on?” Alphonso says we’ve got plenty of time, all day today 

we can get a room in Denver when we get there since your meeting 

isn’t until Monday afternoon at 4:00 Yeah I say, however, better idea keeping 

my voice low the ladies have already seen the huge glass place that’s 

sunny year round, all they want right now are bikinis and tans in 

November so just follow my lead and take over at the right time. 

The parent company of the Glass Mansion, (Back to my radios 

announcers voice) would be delighted I bet to help the CEO of a real 

National Non-Profit company, with the honest effective services they help to provide for the homeless poor in America. “Doing it Right” 

might get us a Suite Comped Saturday night and late check out on 

Monday. It’s a big town but I really don’t want you to attract any attention as ya’ll are arriving or getting out of town. I promise I’ll do the town with you and the ladies when I get back from selling this story. As far as time, all I’ll need is a quick run through this afternoon 

while y’ all enjoy the mountain sun through the thick glass until you 

can’t burn  anymore and I’ll be out of the way and I’ll even entertain, 

after I’m finished and prepared then we’ll neither discuss or consider 

explosions ever again, Ad Infinitum AD Nauseam 

Still, the loud voice which is getting the ladies attention, Believe me, I’d 

much rather play with these lovely ladies ride back with y’ all but if this surprise visit gets the kind of attention that it “Really Well Deserves” so there, Mr. 

Businessman this should be easy for you to say since I’m the one struggling for a big break after Grad school. So if you’ve got the money I 

won’t turn you down. What would all of you like to do? Short of causing a riot, I don’t think many people will even notice us. 

Remember boys and girls we’re now in perpetual happy land since you can just walk into a storefront anywhere in Colorado and it is fun-time?! Even though it’s really time for me to get down to worked 

polish my pitch and start making my big smiling thermos nuclear 

presentation instead I could launch right into these guide books as if 

I’m driving the tour bus,”? I mentioned before Garden of the Gods is 

among the most breath taking natural structures in American and 

many believe the world.” Still, it’s Colorado. Look up ahead, does it say Twilight Zone? Naw! That signpost says 

“Cave Man Willies Hydroponics, Deep Earth Medicinals” 

Best Damn Brownies Nine Counties! “We Bake to Order” 

The United States Air Force Academy is among the most beautiful universities in America and there are lots of cool things going on in and around the Air Base. I’m beginning to sense restlessness from the tribe. I take a deep breath drive on, there are also some totally unbelievable photo-opportunities as we closer to the campus the Damn Breaks 

Now the Sissies are in full uprising mode, “Alphonso, NOOO we don’t want the “tour to the lecture we lied to the college professor we think he’s hot but isn’t even looking at us. I flashed my top off of my twin peaks behind the Truck and he didn’t even notice, except to smile. We don’t go to no airbase, no underground and no shopping except some new bikinis and full Victoria shopping bags that I bet you and the professor will notice some twin peaks then! After a sunny afternoon with you, the young professor and the champagne we’ll be so nice to you and the young the Professor too! OK OK OK?” English not their first language but hard to tell from their slight accent where and what language was first.

The Misses now sing in perfect harmony, please Professor just get us the Photo books of the gardens all the important sights, Alphonso can take us shopping for the new bikinis, some new toys and that real good Champagne in the big bottles for the big Glass House indoor and we’ll lay out by the pool and use the tanning beds pools and saunas (Alphonso is drooling a little by now) That’s OK Alphonso isn’t it, the sirens sing?

(Now grinning) OK OK our big road daddy says , as they crawl onto his lap OK 

for these little travel princesses? Sun Rooms as good as anywhere in 

the world and when we are in the sun around the pool with Alphonso, 

Professor will be able to concentrate on presenting his paper in front of 

the mirrors in our room, then he can concentrate on the mirrors on the ceiling.

By now I’m not waiting for instructions as I pull up to the hotel. Just getting my backpacks, computer, and projector while the carhops take the rest. Alphonso can’t hear me as I tell him I going to the 

Office Supply. I just need a few things and I can get the press packets made

The next day, I do stay out long enough to get Photo books for our young female students. There’s really not that much to practice So I just run through the details in front of the mirrors, pack it all together and find my swimsuit to go join the rest of the crew 

In the sauna 

Freezing my southern butt off, with no long johns on a sunny but windy December Denver  afternoon. At least l had my good heavy coat, sock hat, and gloves with me in the trunk but only because that’s where I keep them year round. So I’m finally standing in front of the smallest press conference ever held at the main entrance to mile high stadium over looking the building next door where Alphonso is preparing to hold up his model Technicolor 3-D EMP device.

With as a loud whistle as l can muster in this cold, l call our small group to order and say,” it’s 4:00 pm Mountain time and as promised l have a story for all of you hale and hearty souls who were walling to come out here on this bright sunny day.  I’m here today to prove to you why we need a border wall now more than ever.   

While it’s often been said about that out enemies they never lack motivation, they only lack inspiration. Well imagination, that’s something we never have lack of here in America. While we are watching caravans of Hondurans, Guatemalans Costa Ricans and Southern Mexicans trekking up through Mexico there are more serous things going on the background of our border security crisis. While we all have to listen to the whine out of the worst of the left wing members of our national media, We also know    the real crisis is still endangering the lives of Americans, our culture and our sovereignty 

Lots of Hispanics are coming across our borders illegally costing us billions of dollars n welfare, interdiction, and incarceration.  This invasion problem is never going to e solved with more boots on the ground, more drones n the sky or all of the other methods planned or proposed to close our Southern border.  The most glaring flaw with any of these partial solutions s that there s no permanent solutions.  Lf the democrat party s n power they can just choose to cut funding for the drones, boots or other surveillance measures! 

The wall s permanent m t can’t be turned off.  Today l want to show you all the reason America needs a permanent solution that can’t be switched on and switched off.  

Asking loud as politely possible “When l call on you for a question please sound off with your name and organization. Reaching into my backpack l pull out my 3-D model in gunmetal gray. Holding it up high for all to see and there are really only abut 16 people there. l ask loud “Does anyone know what this is?”      


A few hands come up, surprised no one blurts it out, l point to a tall striking brunette with a press tag l don’t recognize and say “Tell us where you’re from and your name.    The tall beautiful lady who responds immediately I’m Melissa with Peoples Chronicle, 

Local alternate news and what that looks like to me aside from Tinker toy set from hell is some kind of machine with a few important pieces missing, “ Close l say since you noticed the empty Places inside the device.  Next, a kind of big girl in the back row raises her hand saying, I’m Jessica, Freelance for the post and Colorado Magazine and l say “Jessica let me give you a hint, “There are two empty places inside the small one is for a detonator.  Jessica says, “its a scale model of some kind of a bomb!   Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  Except. l say “this is no scale model this is an exact model of a fully functional low-yield 110 Kiloton Thermo-nuclear device. Minus the detonator and of course the fusion able material which is still sorta hard to come by.  Over time atomic weapons, which basically followed the Nagasaki Fat Man design, began to get smaller and even the low yield  lighter with greater yield, becoming more efficient. Compact atomic bombs tasked to reach critical mass in an airburst scenario could hit a city directly, shut down the power grid and could still cause casualties in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps in the millions.


Now l start to pass out the packets of info sheets to the reporters.  Including photos, descriptions of methods of miniaturization and photos of one real bomb this little jewel is the reason I’ve asked you all here today. These old statistics are the clearest indication that almost anyone with the proper motivation  

In fiscal 2018, there were 17,000 adults with existing criminal records, arrested at our borders trying to get into the US.  In 2017 and 2018 in the interior of the US 235,000 ICE officers arrested illegal aliens.  Including 100,000 for assault 30,000 for sex crimes and 4,000 for homicides. These statistics are bad enough however right now approximately 10 criminal aliens attempted to gain access into America each day.  I’m aware of the many ways Mexican citizens gain access from other stories I’ve written. Obviously, if there are 11-13 Mexican million Illegal Aliens here working in America it stands to reason that some of them have ways to go home for emergencies, death in the family, legal and other family problems.   So I asked legal and illegal immigrants for methods of going home and coming right back and they were well informed on the ins and outs.  One of the locals was quite well known for his ability to go home to Mexico on Friday from North Mississippi and be back at work on Monday.  The well connected have contacts all along the border and we asked if we could use them. 

    I had already produced these models so all I had to do was find an old friend to go to Mexico with me find the trekker who would carry these models across the Rio Grande and have a picture taken with that days Matamoros Mexico newspapers and let him take off for Texas where we could get the models and pay our trekker off.  Of course, it went off without a hitch. My friend with the car took us to the Amtrak stating in El Paso.  We could have bought round trip tickets to Denver pretty cheap but my friend had some young ladies he wanted to impress so we took the faster method and he drove his new town car. .  Either way from sunup this side of the border to Denver would have been plenty enough hours to make it here by Kickoff.   

    So no matter how you look at it, while there are ways that are this easy for an individual or two to cross into America we are all in grave danger from this kind of terrorist attack.  Not just here in Denver although this would be an ideal scenario setting off a device like this while the stadium was packed with people and turning almost all of the Denver Metro into radioactive glass dust and stone. Also, a two-person team could walk two Bombs across and using one as an airburst from a stolen plane or the top of one of the skyscrapers and I point to my friend Alphonso standing on the roof of a nearby building holding up the Technicolor twin brother of the first gunmetal device.  

I expect that most of you are educated enough to understand the concept of an “Air Burst detonation” and what it does to electronic components. A bomb this size set off this high in the air will shut down every computer, fuse solenoid and cell phone in a three-mile radius, maybe even larger area. There are bombs designed just for that purpose, like the model shown in the photo below, designed And built in the old soviet bloc.


Before I start to entertain more of your questions please be sure to put your names, preferred contact method and phone number for future questions.  Those of you who decided to come here for a cold outdoors press conference called by an unknown writer are the exclusive reporters for this story, If you choose to you’ll likely have to answer some questions for your collages and supervisors if you have any. Strictly up to you, as I won’t be taking any of their questions.  The object of this exercise and I do mean exercise. because even this time of year that nice long walk in the sun from this side of the border was to convince a few people just how dangerous the situation is.  As long as someone or maybe two somebodies can walk a thermonuclear device like this into the country no part of America is safe. Even if it’s not a standard low yield bomb, it could be a Dirty Bomb, you know, standard high explosive with a couple of hundred pounds of depleted uranium fuel rods.  Of course, the worst possible scenario would be one in which

Some kind of weaponized biological agents likes Anthrax or powerful fast acting chemical weapon like Sarin, Soman, Tabum or the one that’s been in the news recently, VX.  

    Questions anyone? There, young man, “Ft. Collins Express, Yes sir Patrick 

Thomas. Are you saying that it’s not just the area around Matamoras where illegal residents have contacts that can quickly get them back into the country if they have to go home?”

“Nope, I say, according to my sources there are plenty of places if you know the right people. And you, in front off the camera young Lady?  Hi, I’m Christie Aurora Sentinel Online consolidated, The wall is not going to be a be all end all because there will always be a few people like you’re talking about and other methods.  We’ve even heard recently of people skydiving even piggyback skydiving just to get in. Why the wall? 

“Well, I say there will always be some possibility that highly trained skilled motivated organizations or governments could get in however this wall will cut way down on small freelance groups, teams or individuals. This wall will provide the most protection for the majority of Americans and it is what the majority of Americans want. 

 Now if that’s it you have my contact information, please don’t share it with anyone I won’t be responding to anyone except the 12 or so of you here today. If your editors and fact checkers really need more confirmation or details please do your best to get them. I have a short Bio in your package but don’t share it with HR or the bosses, after this I’m really not looking for a job just the next most shocking attention-getting story I can find and like this one, they mostly fall into my lap.  Good evening and thanks for coming;

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High Speed Rail

If the US could build an Aqueduct from Greenville, MS, somewhere on the river in Arkansas and St. Louis then two important projects could be combined.   The same foundation could support  water transfer and high speed rail!

Every spring this happens, there are floods of fresh water in places where we don’t need water and no fresh water in the places where we need it the most.

Every year people that know the danger, watch the levees along the river near the Achafalia because the Corp of Engineers knows that one of these springs the Mississippi is going to do what it really wants to do and go to the Gulf through Morgan City.

America has been so near sighted about so many things in the past but right now we have an opportunity to take the long view about this situation and we can begin to solve some of our energy needs at the same time.

In west Texas, New Mexico and Nevada we have beautiful sunshine almost all the time and almost no water.     If we begin right now to build a system of pipelines to the west along the Mississippi River from Greenville, MS to southern Missouri we could both water the west and reduce the amount of topsoil, with herbicide and pesticide laden water we are spreading into the Gulf of Mexico each year.  We already have a huge “Dead-zone” in the gulf now and it could double in size in the next few years because of the increase demand for bio-fuels!

The whole project could be powered with wind farms along the way and while the angle of declination would not require much power to move the muddy water it could be powered to move water that included lots of rich fertile mud in the process and dredging could not only put the topsoil in our river in a place we need it, the west, it would stop putting the topsoil in a place we really don’t need it, the dead zone in the gulf.  With the added benefit that maybe water in the Mississippi Sound, along the coast of Mississippi could stop looking and smelling like sewage!

I heard President Bush speaking about a new species of agricultural plant that could produce four to five times more bio-fuel than any of the plants we currently use.   If we have more water and rich topsoil out west we can grow more food grains to sell to places like China.  They as you know have 25% of the worlds population and only about 5% of the worlds arable land.

This is an idea that will take decades to bring to fruition but when completed could again show how enterprising people in a free market economy can change the world for the better.

If we don’t do something the dead zone  could double in size in just the next few years and will eventually destroy the ecosystems of the gulf and the coastal estuaries and when they are gone they will never be brought back.

In 1812 the last time the New Madrid fault line had a major quake the Mississippi ran backwards for two days. Next time (When, not if, every three to five hundred years for the last five thousand years) this happens, if it occurs when the river is in flood stage the sudden release when it begins to flow again could be all that it will take to break the levees north of New Orleans and we’ll see a natural disaster like none in the history of the world.  If the previously mentioned system of water pipelines were empty we could divert much of the flood.  There is a real possibility we could prevent this terrible natural disaster. This natural disaster could happen even if the River is not in flood stage.  If we have a chance to prevent it would it be a bad idea to look at this plan, just in case?

We can’t explore, drill or conserve our way out of the energy situation we find ourselves in now.  We could however, trade corn, wheat, rice and sugar cane for oil in the future.

The long view is the only thing that will save our culture in the future,  “For a lack of vision the people perish”!  The Future is now!  this could be a great opportunity to display American exceptionalism.

The drought in California could be stopped if a high speed rail was built on top of an aqueduct system that could bring fresh water down from the rivers as far north as the Canadian border.   Two projects high speed rail and and answer to the drought problem.

According to the global warning crowd the salt water rising from the Gulf of Mexico into the Everglades Aquifer will soon make the fresh water there so salty it will destroy this ecosystem.   With a high speed rail system but on top of an Aqueduct system fresh water could come all the way down the east coast from the Canadian border, sharing fresh water in places that need it and prevent the changes in salinization of the everglades.

Please just think about this with an open mind.  Ask the Presidential candidates if they would support a project like this to make America great again? Ask them to discuss this with the Corp of Engineers and a few other experts and you may begin to see the logic and need of this proposal.

Thank you for your attention.

Emmett H. McClary AllRiversInUS AllRiversthatDrainintotheMississippi