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High Speed Rail

If the US could build an Aqueduct from Greenville, MS, somewhere on the river in Arkansas and St. Louis then two important projects could be combined.   The same foundation could support  water transfer and high speed rail!

Every spring this happens, there are floods of fresh water in places where we don’t need water and no fresh water in the places where we need it the most.

Every year people that know the danger, watch the levees along the river near the Achafalia because the Corp of Engineers knows that one of these springs the Mississippi is going to do what it really wants to do and go to the Gulf through Morgan City.

America has been so near sighted about so many things in the past but right now we have an opportunity to take the long view about this situation and we can begin to solve some of our energy needs at the same time.

In west Texas, New Mexico and Nevada we have beautiful sunshine almost all the time and almost no water.     If we begin right now to build a system of pipelines to the west along the Mississippi River from Greenville, MS to southern Missouri we could both water the west and reduce the amount of topsoil, with herbicide and pesticide laden water we are spreading into the Gulf of Mexico each year.  We already have a huge “Dead-zone” in the gulf now and it could double in size in the next few years because of the increase demand for bio-fuels!

The whole project could be powered with wind farms along the way and while the angle of declination would not require much power to move the muddy water it could be powered to move water that included lots of rich fertile mud in the process and dredging could not only put the topsoil in our river in a place we need it, the west, it would stop putting the topsoil in a place we really don’t need it, the dead zone in the gulf.  With the added benefit that maybe water in the Mississippi Sound, along the coast of Mississippi could stop looking and smelling like sewage!

I heard President Bush speaking about a new species of agricultural plant that could produce four to five times more bio-fuel than any of the plants we currently use.   If we have more water and rich topsoil out west we can grow more food grains to sell to places like China.  They as you know have 25% of the worlds population and only about 5% of the worlds arable land.

This is an idea that will take decades to bring to fruition but when completed could again show how enterprising people in a free market economy can change the world for the better.

If we don’t do something the dead zone  could double in size in just the next few years and will eventually destroy the ecosystems of the gulf and the coastal estuaries and when they are gone they will never be brought back.

In 1812 the last time the New Madrid fault line had a major quake the Mississippi ran backwards for two days. Next time (When, not if, every three to five hundred years for the last five thousand years) this happens, if it occurs when the river is in flood stage the sudden release when it begins to flow again could be all that it will take to break the levees north of New Orleans and we’ll see a natural disaster like none in the history of the world.  If the previously mentioned system of water pipelines were empty we could divert much of the flood.  There is a real possibility we could prevent this terrible natural disaster. This natural disaster could happen even if the River is not in flood stage.  If we have a chance to prevent it would it be a bad idea to look at this plan, just in case?

We can’t explore, drill or conserve our way out of the energy situation we find ourselves in now.  We could however, trade corn, wheat, rice and sugar cane for oil in the future.

The long view is the only thing that will save our culture in the future,  “For a lack of vision the people perish”!  The Future is now!  this could be a great opportunity to display American exceptionalism.

The drought in California could be stopped if a high speed rail was built on top of an aqueduct system that could bring fresh water down from the rivers as far north as the Canadian border.   Two projects high speed rail and and answer to the drought problem.

According to the global warning crowd the salt water rising from the Gulf of Mexico into the Everglades Aquifer will soon make the fresh water there so salty it will destroy this ecosystem.   With a high speed rail system but on top of an Aqueduct system fresh water could come all the way down the east coast from the Canadian border, sharing fresh water in places that need it and prevent the changes in salinization of the everglades.

Please just think about this with an open mind.  Ask the Presidential candidates if they would support a project like this to make America great again? Ask them to discuss this with the Corp of Engineers and a few other experts and you may begin to see the logic and need of this proposal.

Thank you for your attention.

Emmett H. McClary AllRiversInUS AllRiversthatDrainintotheMississippi